VR Telepresence Robot

The core technology of OdenVR is the realtime graphics engine that we have developed for combining multiple video sources into a seamless full spherical VR experience. To demonstrate the capabilities of this software we have also developed a small live streaming camera, based on the Raspberry Pi. A month ago we discussed how we can best demonstrate what can be done with our camera and software, and we decided that a telepresence robot ought to be really cool. So we made one.

The person controlling the robot wears a VR headset and experiences the world as seen from the robot, being able to fully look around. The feeling of presence is very strong and controlling the robot even around difficult obstacles is easy when you can look down and around you. Looking around freely, this is a very different experience from regular FPV which uses a single fixed camera with a limited field of view.

The footage is from a demo we did last night at Makerslink – a maker space in Linköping, Sweden.