Hiab reveals HiVision, revolutionizing crane operation with VR – using the OdenVR Render Engine

Today our customer Hiab revealed their new HiVision VR remote crane operation system. We’ve been working with Hiab for more than a year, developing the VR vision system and video processing software. So we are super happy to finally share what we’ve been working on!

It really is an amazing product, and when you see it in action its potential becomes apparent. Hiab’s post on Facebook has already, in its first day, reached over 250’000 views and 1’000 comments.

The system uses stereoscopic 3D for the forward view and blends to monocular for the side views. The blending is not noticeable and stereo effect turned out very good. Everything runs on an embedded PC and a major challenge in this project has been to handle all the rendering and processing on a tiny CPU and GPU. The system also features virtual heads-up-display graphics, displaying data from the crane and truck, using our SDK.

On Saturday we leave for Bauma in Munich, where Hiab will show the product live for the first time.