Full-360° VR live-streaming development kit

Cube stand

Stream over Ethernet to PC with VR headset

Technical specifications

OdenVR Cube

Cube 360 streaming system

Camera head:

Number of cameras: 6
Sensor: OV5647
Total FOV: 360° x 360°
Lens FOV: 6 x 160°
Streaming resolution: 6 x 1440x1080p (at 40 fps)
Bitrate: 3-120 Mbit (0.5-20 Mbit per camera)

Streaming cabinet:

Image processing computer board: Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Number of image processing units: 6
Network connections: 6 x Ethernet (separate switch required)
Power: 5V DC 4A
Length of cable to camera head: 70 cm (not detachable)

Spherical resolution:

Horisontal: 12 px/degree
Vertical: 12 px/degree
Total: 4300 x 2150 px (at 40 fps)

Streaming details:

  • Each camera streamed separately using RTP protocol
  • Compression is h264
  • Latency is 150-200ms (or more – depends on network and camera settings)

OdenVR software features:

  • Robust live stitching of streams from Cube camera
  • Uses geometric lens model – stitching distance can be changed at runtime
  • Supports live viewing with Oculus Rift (currently supports DK2)