We are experts in real-time VR for telepresence and control. VR offers a fundamentally superior way of acting remotely, giving the feeling of actually being there and not just looking at something on a video screen. Using our technology stack we enable our customers to solve industrial and monitoring tasks in a dramatically improved way.

At the center of our technology stack is our VR rendering engine that accepts videostreams from almost any camera input and processes it into an immersive VR experience. Our solutions are built for real-time, with typical latency of 50-200 ms measured from light entering a lens to light exiting a VR headset or display. Video can of course also be saved and exported for later viewing or post-processing.

We offer viewer software, both as ready-to-use applications and as code examples for integration into customers’ existing apps and systems. For the PC we offer an industrial SDK for integration with control systems and displaying information on a virtual “heads up display”.

We have support for most industrial cameras and have worked with cameras over USB, Ethernet, SDI, HDMI and CSI. To allow our customers to quickly test the possibilities with real-time VR we also offer a development kit called Cube which is a small camera system offering low latency 360° real-time VR.

Please contact us at torkel@voysys.com if you would like to know more.